Lightning Roulette is a live Roulette game from Evolution Gaming. It combines the thrills of live dealer Roulette with a new bonus feature to create a completely new casino experience. Lightning Roulette invites you into a glamorous studio where you’ll find a European Roulette game with an added Lightning Bonus that creates 1-5 lucky numbers. If the ball lands on any of these numbers it will trigger additional payouts of 50x to 500x!


The minimum bet on Lightning Roulette starts at $0.20, making it suitable for lower rollers, while a maximum bet of around $1000 per spin means high rollers are also catered for. The maximum bet may differ depending on the casino you’re playing at.

Players can place all the usual Roulette bets, including outside bets that pay even money and 2-1 for columns and dozens, and all the regular bets on the numbers, including splits (paying odds of 17-1), streets (11-1), corners (8-1) and six-lines (5-1) and straight ups (29-1). You will notice the odds are the same as regular Roulette, except the straight up bet pays 29-1, instead of the usual 35-1.

The reason for this reduction on the straight up odds is that the Lightning Bonus adds extra potential rewards. If you hit one of the random lucky numbers, this can boost straight up odds, giving up to 500-1. The RTP in this game is 97.3%, which is average for a live Roulette game and above average compared with online slots.


The important additional feature to Lightning Dice is the lightning strikes that happen during every game. During the wheel spins lighting will strike between 1 and 5 numbers on the board. These numbers will then pay between 50x and 500x over and above the standard payout. The exact multiplier payout will be displayed on the board.


To play Lightning Roulette, place your bets in the same way as regular online Roulette. Select your coin size and choose the numbers you want to bet on using the interactive diagram at the bottom of the screen. The game uses a standard single-zero wheel with red and black numbers 1 to 36 and the green 0.

Place your bets while the on-screen instruction invites you to do so. When this changes to “bets closed” you can no longer place new bets. The ball spins automatically. During the spin, 1 to 5 lucky numbers will be chosen and these will receive boosted odds of 50-1 to 500-1 for straight up bets.

Lightning Roulette is played in a chic online studio with a black and gold colour scheme. The dealer stands to the side of the Roulette wheel and the layout is displayed on the wall behind. There is a diagram of the table layout at the bottom of the screen – this is where you place your bets.

Chip denominations are 2, 5, 10, 50, 250 and 1000. There is also a double button to double your bets and a repeat button to place the same bet again. You can place all the same bets on the layout as in standard Roulette, though only the straight up bets have the potential to become lucky numbers and receive a boosted payout.

Lightning Roulette is intuitive to play if you’ve already played other Roulette games, while new players can always ask the dealer a question in the chat box for any help.

 Lightning Roulette is a great choice for fans of Roulette, as it offers all the usual thrills but with the added Lightning Bonus feature. The live dealer adds extra fun and the interaction is great for those who like to chat – simply write in the chat box for other players and dealer to reply. It’s all very familiar – the only change from regular Roulette is the addition of lucky numbers and the lower payouts for straight ups. Although the odds reduction is offset by the Lightning Bonus, regular Roulette players will notice the difference in their standard payouts. In any case, there’s no denying the popularity of Lightning Roulette, which regularly gets hundreds of players each game. Check it out and see if this exciting version of the casino classic will hit your lucky numbers!