They are called progressive jackpots because the jackpot keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is different from fixed jackpots that you might see on some games. For instance, a slot might have a jackpot prize, and that’s the biggest amount you can win. When it comes to progressive jackpots, though, there is no limit to how big the prize can be, and as long as its not won, it just keeps on growing.

How does it work?

There are different methods, but the most popular and well-known one is a series of inter-connected slots and a prize pool. Each time a player places a bet on one of these games, they are contributing to the rising jackpot no matter where they are. These slots can be connected across casinos, and with so many people playing, the jackpots rise fast. And often you’ll find progressive jackpots running into millions of dollars.

A classic example of a pooled jackpot is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah – everyone across the world who is staking money on Mega Moolah is contributing to that jackpot amount which is why it is continually rising at a fast rate.

You need to follow the rules, such as abiding by the minimum bet, but if you do, then you are always in with a chance and you could be walking away with the prize of a lifetime.


When you look at the progressive jackpot values displayed on a game at your favourite online casino then you’ll notice the ticker displaying the amount is constantly moving upwards as more players wager on the games.

This is the headline prize amount.

However, within each slot you play, you’ll then see that there are often different levels of jackpots, too.

The advantage of having different tiers of jackpots is that you can play for a big money prize without having to bet the maximum, which is usually the case when you want to play for the top prize – remember this as its an important hint when playing big progressives: the biggest prizes require the maximum bets.


These are the ones you want to look out for as they serve up the massive, life-changing sums. The progressive jackpots are connected together across various online casinos. There is an independent operator responsible for the main game behind the scenes, but the casinos are all linked. With hundreds and hundreds of players depositing and playing at each of them, you can expect a big prize.

The best examples are NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams and Mega Fortune Dreams and Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Jackpot Series.


These prizes are linked together by a series of games within one casino. Although not as big as network progressives, you’ve got a better chance of winning them because not as many players are playing for each one. Typically the odds of unlocking the prize are therefore greater.


This is a slot that’s not connected to other slots. Instead it’s a progressive within just ONE game. You will find these at offline casinos where there is a row of games, each with it’s own jackpot. The only way to win that prize is to play on that specific machine. And only players spinning on that machine can contribute to that prize.


Progressive jackpots are high-stakes games, and if you want to play for them, to win a huge prize, you want to make sure you are doing it the right way. You can take a few simple steps next time you’re playing at your favorite online casino in Canada.

  • Play for the high stakes. If you’re gunning for the progressive jackpot, you must already be aware that you need to spend big to win big. And that’s the case when you’re playing slots.
  • Check the rules. Because to qualify for winning the big sums, you need to meet deposit requirements. Have a look at the how-to win pages on these slots, and make sure you’re fully aware before you play.
  • Try and trigger those bonus rounds. This is a great tip for playing any slot but even more so on progressive jackpot slots as you can use the features to ramp up the wins and further increase your chance of triggering the jackpot.