It is usually a good idea to close a gaming session when you’re tired.  This is good advice for players at both land based and online casinos.  However, it is usually a much bigger problem at land based casinos.  People who go to a land based casino often go for a long weekend or short “vacation”. 

The purpose of this weekend or vacation is to play casino games.  In other words, to gamble.  Assuming the player has brought enough money to get through the few days he or she has at the casino, they will naturally play on even when they are really too tired to play.

There is a big difference between being a bit tired and very tired.  Online gamers may play on when they are a bit tired but only if they are playing and really enjoying a game of chance rather than a game of skill.  Games of skill require full concentration, not 95% full concentration.  So if you want to keep on gaming and you have been playing blackjack, switch to slots for a time.

The best slots game in our humble opinion to play when you are tired would be one that can give you the greatest measure of vicarious pleasure.  For some that would be an excursion in ancient Greece or Rome.  For others, a sojourn in the world of the Aztecs, Incas, or Mayas.  Others would fly off into outer space while some would plunge deep beneath the ocean waves.  All good as long as you play for fun and don’t increase your bets to an area beyond your means.

In any case, when you are really too tired to play, you should stop and rest.  Again, land based casino gamblers will probably sleep less than they should.  They might skip breakfast or eat a large buffet meal far too late in the evening.  The next day at a land based casino is often a time of gambling and at the same time fighting off the need to sleep coupled with a little stomach growling from the convoluted eating schedule the gambling overdose put those players in.


There is a reason those pretty and semi-unclad cocktail waitresses come around offering free drinks.  The more you drink, the more you’ll lose at the tables or terminals.  Here is a little known fact: land based casinos love when video poker players who are playing multi-hand video poker get a bit too much alcohol in their blood stream. 

The reason they especially like it when multi-hand video poker players drink is because they will make more mistakes per minute than any other players.  Slots players simply play on.  Blackjack players will make plenty of mistakes but not 100 at one time!  There are stories about video poker players who were so dizzy from whisky that techy clicked to hold the cards they wanted to discard!

Since video poker players almost always bet the maximum on every hand in order to cash in on a possible Royal Flush, any mistake will be a mistake for quite large numbers of dollars.

As we said earlier, when you are playing at an online casino, you should simply hold out until you finish the session to have an alcohol based drink. 


Once again, this is a problem almost entirely of land based casino players.  You will be counting cards out loud.  Everyone will know what you’re doing.  You will also probably get the count wrong most of the time. 

Counting cards really only works at land based casinos where you might find a blackjack game with only two decks!  Most land based casinos have gone to six or eight decks.  A lot of them have permanent shuffling shoes so it is impossible to count cards anyway!

The fact is that playing with statistically proven standard strategy is almost as good as being professionally skilled as a card counter.  So, it is a lot better to simply memorize the strategy chart and use it to play.  You will feel relieved as you lift off yourselves the burden of trying to count cards and you’ll have a lot more fun.  The house edge in this scenario is still only about a half of a percent as long as you remember to never take insurance!

Online blackjack always uses a reshuffled deck. Everything in an online casino is virtual so every hand begins with a fully shuffled deck.  Still, the basic strategy also applies to blackjack at an online casino so use the strategy card and enjoy the game a lot more!


There are few rules in slots.  This might be one of the reasons that slots are so popular.  Even in craps and roulette, which are also games of chance, there are a lot more rules.  The rules apply to the many different bets you can make.  So learn all the rules of any game you want to play before you play!

Blackjack has the widest range of rules.  There are different rules that apply to card splitting, doubling down, soft 17, blackjack itself, five card hands, side bets and more.  Learn the rules!